Contact Lenses

Choosing the right eye care professional is essential to help insure your vision, comfort and overall eye health during the contact lens fitting. Family Vision Associates will make sure you have a positive experience.

We recommend proper lens fitting that includes a comprehensive eye exam, detailed measurements of the cornea, vision evaluation and slit lamp exam. We will provide individual instruction for insertion and removal of the lenses, as well as cleaning, care and a proper wearing schedule. Follow up care is essential to insure you have been fit in a contact lens that fits your personal needs and overall eye health. The following are the contact lens options we provide.


Family Vision Associates - Guaranteed Contact Lens Success Program

“If for any reason you are unhappy within 90 days of the contact lens fitting we will credit/refund the entire amount you have invested into your lenses.“

Schedule your contact lens fitting with Family Vision Associates and let us exceed your expectations.